Where can I get dropped off and picked up?

There is no car access to the site for visitors, so we ask that young people get dropped off and picked up from The Beacon car park. Staff man the site pedestrian entrance/ exit gate and supervise the car park at the end of sessions.

It’s my first night at the Sweatbox – what will happen?

On arrival, you will be asked to complete a registration form, with the help of staff, on an IPad. We will ask your name, date of birth, if you are a KAA student or not and ask for 2 emergency contact names and phone numbers. Only senior staff can access this information. You will then be registered as a Sweatbox member and next time you come to a session you will just need to be ticked on the register. If it’s a Friday night, you will then pay your £2.50, and you are given a wristband. Staff, SU and Squidgers are on hand to show you around and explain how everything works. After that you are free to enjoy your evening.

Can parents come into the Sweatbox?

We don’t allow uninvited adults onto the site when we run sessions for safeguarding reasons. Parents are welcome to wait at the gates to collect you. If parents would like to speak to a senior staff member for any reason, they can request this at the gate.

What do sessions cost?

Tuesday nights, Topaz, and The Nachos Club are free. Friday nights cost £2.50 per person. Please note, if paying the subs are a problem for you, have a chat with George or Ossa. We can support those with financial difficulties to attend.

What are session times?

Tuesdays run 6.30-8.30pm, Friday 7pm-9.30pm. Please contact us if you would like to attend Topaz, The Nachos Club for Young Carers or Beatbox.

What do you do at the Sweatbox?

We run all kinds of activities these include (but not all on the same night!) bouncy castle, sumo wrestling, gladiator jousting, go karts, skate ramps with scooters, table football, pool, Switch gaming, beanbag cinemas, football, badminton, arts and crafts, karaoke, live music and much more. We love to hear new ideas of things young people would like to do at the Sweatbox – just speak to a member of the staff team.

What if I want to leave The Sweatbox during the session?

We have a no re-entry policy at Sweatbox sessions. If you would like to leave before a session ends, a staff member will check in with you and may call home if it’s appropriate.

I don’t go to KA’s, can I come to the Sweatbox?

Yes!!! We are an open access youth centre so all young people aged 11-19 (Year 7 upwards) are welcome. You also don’t have to the live in Wantage or Grove to attend.

I want to join the Sweatbox Union / Squidger Team (Sweatbox young volunteers). How do I do this?

Being on the SU or Squidger team is great fun, brilliant for your C.V. and ensures your voice is heard in the local community. SU and Squidgers also help the youth work team decide how the Sweatbox runs and what we do. We recruit SU once a year in March/April and Squidger spaces in December once we have had time to get to know new members. We ask all young people interested in being either on the SU or being a Squidger to fill in an application form which are available from the Sweatbox office during sessions. Chat to staff or current SU/Squidgers for more information.